Hezekiah Explains How DATAM Technology Impressed European OFWs

Hezekiah Explains How DATAM Technology  Impressed European OFWs
Hezekiah Alis explains how DATAM Technology can help the Transporation business in the Philippines and save up to 40% from fuel consumption

October 4, 2022 -  Prague, Czech Republic  -  OFWs are part of the silent contributors to the economic flow in the Philippines.  They are the financiers of most of their relatives by sending their incomes to the Philippines.   Almost 80% of OFW  save money for their family to establish a business.  All of these sacrifices are made in the hope that one day they have a business when they go back to the Philippines.   And, Hezekiah Alis, CEO of HYMM, a hard-working young entrepreneur knew this by heart.

While DATAM is promoting the eco-friendly public transportation conversion project in the Philippines, Filipino Entrepreneurs are working with planning with Non-Profit Cooperatives to work together.  Many  OFWs are already geared to saving their money and working with the modernization program with the cooperative and with DATAM Technology could be a perfect match, said Hezekian.   And with over 1400 transportation cooperatives nationwide who agreed with him they say, they are ready to invest.

Founders of Datam Philippines (From right, Joeme Erroba, Estela Cesar Buensoceso, Coop president of one of the biggest membership nationwide; Hezekiah Alis, CEO of HYMM;  Malcolm Yeow, CFO of DATAM Korea, and Maribel Alis, Cooperative Advisor.

DATAM is also promoting the eco-friendly smart public transportation BRT system construction project which was concluded in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  This too was incorporated into the program to become part of the business future spectrum.

DATAM Technology has been active in Vietnam and Laos and the Philippines will soon gear up for high hopes. Many OFW community leaders in Europe wish to extend their thanks to James Lee, CEO of Datam Korea Ltd. for opening this to the Philippines. 

Reducing fossil energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are the goals and missions of DATAM, Noubikko said, CEO of RPConnect Corp.  DATAM is a member of the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC), and this POST-2020 new climate system program is something we should all embrace.

DATAM Technology is essential for saving fuel, said by Malcolm Yeow, CFO of DATAM Korea,   It is because, when it's running, its unique chip will regulate the electrical power output and is very efficient. And when braking, its patented chip will regulate the regenerative braking more optimally. That is the technology that will revolutionize the industry according to him.

Well attended DATAM Inc. and HYMM Press Conference with the presence of the Executives of DATAM, Inc. HYMM,  RPConnect Corp, and Presidents of different transportation cooperation from Benguet Province all the way to Davao City.